Located in Gillette, Wyoming, PBEA belongs to Area IX of United States Eventing Association (USEA)  



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2021 Membership

(Membership Year: Jan. 1-December 31)

2021 PDF Membership Form

We are working on being able to accept electronic payments!

Equestrian Park waiver must be signed before riding or schooling at the Park.


Powder Basin Equestrian Association
Membership/Renewal Form

  1. Area 1X of United States Eventing AssociationUSEA/US Equestrian  Federation recognized horse trials annually
  2. cross-country course open year round
  3. schooling shows and clinics
  4. access to stadium and dressage arena at Equestrian Park
  5. club website (http://www.powderbasinequestrian.com)


Date: ________________ New: __________ Renewal: ________________

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Additional names, if family membership: _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________ Phone: ______________________

City: __________________________     State: __________Zip: __________________________

Birthdate (s) if under 18_____________________________________________

Horses name(s): __________________________        E-mail address: ______________________

Membership type:

Family: ___________$75                   Individual: __________________$50/year

4H Member:________$20 4H Family:_______$50

Trainer teaching lessons for profit: __________$100

Non-member schooling: ___________$50

Please make check payable to Powder Basin Equestrian Association and mail to:

Carol Olson

14 Constitution Dr

Gillette, WY 82716



CAM-PLEX Equestrian Park

By signing this form, I state that I understand that equine activities are inherently risky and potentially dangerous.  I understand that riding is a potentially risky and potentially dangerous sport.  I herby declare that I am participating in this activity entirely at my own risk  I herby assume this risk and further do herby release and hold harmless Powder Basin Equestrian Association and my fellow riders, from all liability , including any negligence, resulting in accidents, damage, injury, illness and /or death, to myself and to my property , including the horse or horses which I will ride at the Equestrian Park  This release will be considered valid any time I ride at CAM-PLEX Equestrian Park.
I further understand and accept the limitations applied by Wyoming State Law, specifically the “Recreation Safety Act” (W-S. 1-1-121 through 1-1-123) that participants in recreation activities, particularly including equine activities, accept full responsibility for the inherent risk, dangers and condition s which are characteristic of,  intrinsic to, or an integral part of any sport or recreational opportunity.
I acknowledge that I am participating entirely at my own risk.  RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!  Please use your own good judgment and ride safely!

_____________________________________________             Date:___________________
 (Signature of competitor, or parent if under 18 years of age)





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